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Volunteer React Developer

Poverty Child
11th August 2021
Anywhere, United Kingdom
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We require a front-end React developer to join our team on a voluntary basis for a fixed-length duration to help us complete our micro-financing app to assist the guardians of children suffering in poverty in developing nations.

Our app has been developed on a blockchain back-end and now requires a React front-end (Blockchain experience is not required). The low-fidelity wireframes have been completed with 12 screens in total currently that now need to be converted into actual front-end web pages.

You will be responsible for converting 12 to 15 wireframes into actual web pages using the React Framework. You will not be required to do any  Blockchain based work, you will however be encouraged to use best and innovative practises where React is concerned.

The pages are required to be built in Typescript (as .tsx files) and we would prefer the use of best practises and innovative methods that include, and are not limited to, incorporating Next.js as well as a UI component library such as Chakra UI or similar that is built atop tailwind.css ideally.

Speed is of importance therefore we prefer that you use a component library rather than building components from scratch. That said, the use of a visual builder is encouraged so long as it accelerates development time. We do not have a preference for re-inventing the wheel visually or coming up with original designs. Most of the design thinking has already been done and so long as the typescript pages represent the wireframes functionally and have a clean and neat design that is ample for moving this project forward.

This role is based on the number of screens with a minimum of 12 screens required. With the right building blocks, eg component library and visual builder etc, we estimate this to be between 24 to 40 hours of work altogether and with ideally even a two-hour commitment a day, this project should take no more than 12 to 20 days altogether, maybe even less.

You will have a minimum of two hours available for at least 3 days a week in order to work on this project. It can be done remotely and the code needs to be submitted via Github. Some commitment in working with us to integrate the code with our existing database will also be required at the end of the project, but this is not expected to be a lengthy exercise.

You are free to work remotely.

About you

Ideally, you have extensive experience with React (at least 1 year), understand at an operational level why we prefer next.js and tailwind.css and can appreciate the need for using existing UI building blocks.

You will need to be familiar with Typescript and have a balance between code quality, efficiency and design thinking without too much emphasis on one over the other. All need to be in balance.

You are somebody who is sympathetic to the plight of children who live with guardians that struggle to make ends meet to take care of them, and want to give your time and skills to helping improve life for the poor in developing nations. You may also be looking to further developing your front-end development career, and as such we are happy to provide employer references and LinkedIn recommendations to help you build your portfolio.

You have experience of working remotely and self-managing the delivery of your tasks to time and budget. You have the capacity to commit 40 hours altogether for this project over the course of one month and have the time every week to maintain the schedule and monitor comments and commitments.

Applying for the role

To apply for this volunteering role, please click the ‘Visit Application Site’ button, and complete the online application form. Please ensure you have uploaded your CV. Plus, explain in the application form why you are applying for the role, why you think you can deliver it well, and how you would go about doing so.

Successful applications can expect to hear from us within five working days where we will invite you to a short interview. The interview is an opportunity for us to discuss your application in more detail, and for you to better understand the role and whether it's right for you. The interview will be via a video call at a date/time of your choosing.

Please note, we can only accept one volunteering application from you. Please do not apply for multiple roles irrespective of how similar they are or your interest in them. We will not process an application received across multiple roles.

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