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No child should face the cruel realities of living on the street. This is why we tackle child poverty in developing countries that have witnessed unprecedented expansion in urban slum communities. We want a world where no child finds themselves in poverty or needs protection from it. Our goal is to improve the lives of 1 million children over the next 10 years.



We support and protect children, who are vulnerable or at-risk, that don’t have access to education, healthcare, or even food on a daily basis. Without access to these, it is likely they will end up working in dangerous conditions, are at higher risk of turning to crime or drug addiction, or will become victims of sex trafficking and child exploitation.


Our strength lies in the collaborations we develop with other organisations to help them raise awareness and funds for their cause. Choosing to operate in this way means that we can have a greater impact on the recipients of the amazing work that those groups do and get to be a valuable partner in delivering grassroots change to the communities who need it.


Through partnership foundations we aim to make a difference to the lives of children across the globe who are affected by the broad-range of issues that poverty can create. This starts by giving them the confidence to aspire and building their relationships with volunteers, their teachers, families, and their peers to help them achieve this.


We’ve adopted an equitable approach to the way we operate, ensuring we are fully transparent with what we do and in a manner that is 100% reputable. We believe every donation counts, that’s why we don’t travel if we don’t need to, we don’t print if we don’t have to, and we don’t pay for expensive office space. Money goes where it is needed and nowhere else.