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Street life is cruel

No child should have to live on the street. Help us do something about it.

Poverty Child is a charity dedicated to improving life for street and slum connected children. Our mission is to empower them to achieve their true potential. Help us.


Give what you can to improve life for a vulnerable child


Send us your old stuff and we'll turn it into cash to support our work


Join us as a volunteer and use your skills to help make a difference

Our work with street children

Every child we work with has a unique and complex set of needs but over time we’ve developed the Poverty Child toolkit to working with street and slum connected children.

An ambulance drives out to known areas every week to provide basic healthcare

A cordoned street becomes classroom for learning basic literacy and numeracy

A safe place for a child to get a meal, wash, counselling and basic schooling

Child specialists go out to connect with and offer their support to street children

Care staff find a good foster home or family to reintegrate the child back into society

A safe place to sleep at night for street children otherwise exposed to danger

Our latest articles

Every now and then we publish articles on the issues we’re thinking about and working on. Here’s some of the latest pieces we’ve published.

24th January 2023

Six Facts about Child Poverty

Fact one: the number of multi-dimensionally poor children UNICEF unequivocally finds that on a global scale approximately a billion children are ‘multi-dimensionally poor’. What precisely does that mean? Essentially, these…
4th January 2023

Child labour

Child labour UNICEF records that globally nearly one in ten children are forced into child labour. It’s an arresting statistic. Moreover, there’s an important caveat: some of those children are…
4th January 2023

Defining child poverty

The far-reaching benefits of a common, multi-dimensional definition of child poverty The issue of defining child poverty is a surprisingly knotty one. It is a challenge not made easier because…