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Providing street children with access to education

Having an education is essential for street children. Being able to read and do sums reduces the chances of the child being exploited. Plus, an education creates better job prospects. And perhaps above all, the sense of accomplishment boosts confidence.

Poverty Child’s street schools aim to teach children how to read, write and count. The children are also taught about personal hygiene, well being, and how to protect themselves from drugs, predators and STDs. The schools are a space where children can come to learn, make friends, have fun and just forget their problems for a while and be kids again.

Every pupil is given a healthy snack providing for most, the only clean meal of the day. Torn clothing is replaced. And younger children are washed and cared for. Everything is provided free as an incentive for the children to attend regularly.

Children that finish schooling are trained further through apprenticeship or formal education. Providing a route off the street and inspiration for other children to follow.

Our toolkit for working with street children:

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