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Refuge from the harsh realities of the street

The street is a cruel and unforgiving place for children. The fortunate ones are able to scrape enough together to buy food by begging or working as garbage pickers. The less lucky are left to find scraps of food from bins or worse go hungry. Personal hygiene and well being is of low priority unless serious illness hinders the search for food.

Poverty Child’s day centres are like an oasis for street children. A place for them to find refuge from the day’s harsh weather, grab a bite to eat, or catchup with a friend. The children can even wash themselves, get new clothes, or mend existing ones.

The real purpose of the day centres though is to create a plan to get each child off the street. Every plan is unique to the circumstances of the child, where one might be reunited with family and another might be placed in formal education.

The process is slow and at times frustrated by the transitory nature of street children. But ultimately every child is helped according to their needs.

Our toolkit for working with street children:

Our mission is to make life better for every street and slum child. HelpĀ us.

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