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A sense of belonging for street children

There are many reasons why children end up on the street; but for those that were orphaned, abandoned, or ran away from an abusive home, foster care can provide escape from street life.

Foster care is a great way of helping such children. It provides not only a way off the street but does so in a safe and loving environment. Perhaps most importantly it creates a sense of belonging in the children serving to help them thrive in their development into adulthood.

Poverty Child’s local partners work with their social services departments to find families for these children. The task can be challenging particularly as in some cultures there is a negative stigma attached to street children. We therefore provide training workshops to prospective families and maintain regular contact with them once the child has been placed.

Some children may even be adopted, particularly the younger ones, giving them an identity and a further sense of belonging. However, foster care remains a successful method especially for older children to develop as they transition into adulthood and are able to make a better life for themselves.

Our toolkit for working with street children:

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