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A safe place to sleep at night

Sleeping rough on the street is dangerous enough for adults but especially so for children. Many suffer from mental health problems because of the trauma of violent attacks by criminals or even animals. The minority of children that avoid violence will still suffer health issues because of being exposed to the elements. Nobody is safe sleeping on the street.

Poverty Child’s night shelters provide street children a safe and clean place to sleep. The shelters are guarded to ensure the security of the children. Whilst sleeping indoors provides protection from the weather. In the morning the children can wash themselves, and learn about the importance of keeping clean and healthy for their well being. And a nutritous breakfast is provided to every child – probably the only clean meal they will have in the day.

The children start their day energetically having had a good night’s sleep and nutritious breakfast. Equally as important, we build trust with them enabling us to help them back into normal life.

Our toolkit for working with street children:

Our mission is to make life better for every street and slum child. HelpĀ us.

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