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Donate your old scrap car to us and help save the lives of poverty affected children



Book your free scrap car collection on our partner Charity Car’s website


They will collect your scrap car for free and on a day suitable to you


We receive any funds from the value of your car to support our work


Here’s a list of questions we’re usually asked by people wanting to donate their old scrap car to us. Do contact us if you have a question not answered below.

What type of vehicle can I donate?

Unwanted old cars and light vans that need disposing.

Does it cost me anything?

Nope, not a penny.

Can I keep any of the proceeds?

Unfortunately not. Our partner passes on the proceeds to us which we use to fund our work.

How do I arrange collection of my scrap car?

Complete the form on this page with all of your details and our recycling partner will contact you to arrange a date most convenient to you.

Does my scrap car have to be in working condition?

Not necessarily. Your car can be in any condition – working or not. However, working cars potentially fetch a higher value. Please let us know when we contact you.

Do you accept cars with outstanding finance?

No. You will need to settle any finance on your car before donating it to us.

Do you accept scrap or used cars with missing parts?

Yes you can still donate your scrap or used car if it has missing parts. However, please let us know when we contact you otherwise we will assume your old car still has it’s major parts such as the engine, bodywork, gearbox, electronic control unit, wheels, battery and catalytic converter (if originally fitted).

Do you accept damaged cars?

Yes, you can still donate your scrap or used car if it’s damaged. However, please let us know what damage affects your car when we contact you. Otherwise we will assume that your car has no major damage such as badly dented or cracked bodywork, smashed glass or lights, bent or broken mechanical parts, such as that sustained in a collision, act of theft or vandalism.

Does my old scrap car need to be accessible for you to collect it?

Yes, your scrap or used car needs to have inflated tyres and be parked on solid ground, so that it can be safely winched onto a recovery vehicle. It’s important that you tell us if your car is not accessible when we contact you, for example if the steering is locked, if your car is blocked in, or if the tyres are flat, as this could affect the collection of your car.

Does it matter if the car I want to scrap has been written off?

No, you can still donate your scrap or used car if it has been written off (whether recorded by an insurance company or not).

Do you accept scrap or used cars without a registration certificate?

Yes, you can still donate your scrap or used car if you don’t have the registration certificate (V5C). However, it does help if you can provide it, as it makes the paperwork easier and increases the value of your car.

Do I have to provide the keys to the car when donating?

No, when you donate your scrap or used car having the keys is useful but not essential unless you’ve told us that the car works, i.e. starts and drives. Of course, it helps if we can get the keys as it makes collecting your car easier and could increase its value.

Do you accept cars without an MOT certificate?

Yes, you can still donate your scrap or used car without a valid MOT Test Certificate. However, it’s better to have one as it increases your car’s value.

Does it matter whether there's any road tax on the car I'm donating?

No, it doesn’t matter how much tax is on the scrap or used car you’re donating. Any remaining road tax is refunded automatically by DVLA to the registered keeper.

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Our partner CarTakeBack operates the Charity Car scheme to support charities such as ours. Whether you have a scrap or used car you’d like to donate to charity, they can help. If your car is ready to scrap, it will be responsibly recycled, or repaired and re-used, and we will receive 100% of your car’s scrap value. Or, if there’s enough life left in your old car, they’ll auction it to raise more money for our cause.