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Chucking out your old toys? Give them to us instead. We’ll resell them to create cash for our charitable projects.

We are very sorry but we cannot accept any toy donations till further notice. We have been inundated and are currently working through the backlog that has accumulated. Thank you for your understanding.



Collect up all your old toys in a cardboard box


Book a Parcelforce collection date using the form below


The cash from your toys keeps our work alive


Board Games

Vehicle Playsets

Baby Toys

Educational Toys

Musical Toys

Wooden Toys

Cuddly Toys

Doll Playsets


Can you collect my toys?

Yes absolutely. Our partner arranges collection of your toys using Parcelforce. All you need to do is select your collection date in the form below.

Do I have to package my toys?

Yes, you need to put all your toys in a cardboard box, ready for collection by Parcelforce. Ensure your box is sealed with packaging tape so that nothing falls out.

Do I have to pay postage?

No, you don’t have to pay for postage of your toys, as we cover the cost of this. Note, your box must weigh 25kg. Contact us if your box weight is different.

What toys do you accept?

We accept pretty much all kinds of toys, so long as they are genuine brands, undamaged and are in resalable condition. Contact us for advice if you’re still unclear.

Can you collect on weekends?

Unfortunately not. Our partner uses Parcelforce to collect your items who only offer collections from Monday to Friday, excluding bank holidays.

Can I send you a big box?

Yes, but please ensure your box is no larger than 150cm when you add all three sides together (combined total i.e. length + width + height).

How heavy can my box be?

Your box of toys must weigh 25kg. Parcelforce will refuse to take it if heavier. You may send us multiple boxes but each box must weigh 25kg.

Can I specify a collection time?

Unfortunately Parcelforce does not offer specific time slots for collection. Collections take place on the date you selected between 9am and 5:30pm.

What do you do with my toys?

We resell your toys on websites like eBay to generate income to further our work. Reselling online saves the cost of running physical charity shops.

Can you take worn or damaged toys?

No. We can only accept toys that are in good condition without damage. If you send damaged toys, we will have to dispose of them at cost to our charity.

Can I send toys to the children you help?

No, we don’t do this as it is damaging to the children’s local economy, and is an expensive administrative and logistical cost to our charity.

Can I send a box weighing less than 25kg?

We pay approximately £10 in postage for each box you send. If we can resell your toys for more than the cost of the box then we may accept it. Contact us to check.


Book Your Charity Toy Collection

Pop your details in the form below to tell us when you want Parcelforce to collect your donated old toys.

We're really sorry but we can't accept any donations until further notice. We have been absolutely inundated and need to work through our current backlog. We hope to be able to resume the service soon. Thank you.