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How To Recycle Ink Cartridges

Ink Jet Cartridges

Despite over 65 million ink cartridges sold in the UK every year, only around 15% of these get recycled. Cartridges ending up in landfill contribute further to pollution and global warming. In turn this drives up demand for the mining of raw materials to make new cartridges.

The planet needs us to step up and break this cycle, and this is where you come in. You can help by disposing of your ink cartridges in a better way. Recycle your printer’s ink cartridges instead of chucking them in the bin. This is so much better for the planet as it means less mining for materials and less pollution.

Here’s the thing though. If you recycle your ink cartridges through us, you get an added benefit. You help us further our mission helping improve the lives of street and slum children. All you have to do is send us your ink. Each cartridge you send us raises £1. Every pound raised is a step further in making life better for some of the most vulnerable children.

Sending us your ink cartridges costs you nothing. That’s right, we’ll send you a mailbag for you to pop your cartridges into and post back to us for free. Super convenient for you, helpful to the environment, and benefitting charity. A triple win.

We accept ink cartridges from most printer manufacturers like Canon, Epsom, and HP. See a full list of the cartridges we can accept by printer manufacturer on our ink cartridges page.

Make life a little easier for yourself and better for the most vulnerable, as well as for the planet. Send us your ink cartridges today.

How To Recycle Your Car

Recycling old cars

Britain is facing a landfill crisis – we’re running out of landfill and with Brexit looming over us, it seems things may only get worse. It now seems more vital than ever to do our bit and help the environment, particularly by recycling.

It is this, coupled with our mission to provide street and slum children abroad with opportunities to better their future, that has driven us to create our recycling fundraising initiative. As a part of this initiative to help fund our projects, we are happy to accept your old cars and light vans that need disposing. It won’t cost you a penny to recycle with us and, besides the environmental benefits of recycling, it’ll help to keep our work alive. That’s right – your unwanted vehicle can help slum and street children in the developing world to reach their full potential.

The vehicle you’re recycling can be in any condition, but please note that if your car is working, it will potentially fetch a higher value. All we ask if that you have settled any finance before you donate your vehicle to us, and that any scrap or used vehicles have inflated tyres and are parked on solid ground to ensure it can be safely placed onto a recovery vehicle upon collection.

All you have to do is complete a form with your details, and then our recycling partner will be in touch to arrange a collection time. Please let us know when you are contacted whether or not your car is in working condition, has any missing parts, any damage that affects it, and whether your car is accessible as this may affect its collection. You can click here to view the form you must complete as well as FAQs.

Recycling your vehicle is easy and convenient for you and by doing so, you can help provide youngsters with opportunities to better the life they were born into and reach their full potential in the world. The environmental benefits in themselves are a reason to recycle, but the feeling of doing your bit to help others in the developing world is a bonus.

How To Recycle Stamps

Since the 1800s, stamp collecting has been one of the most popular hobbies worldwide. If you, or someone you know, have stamps that are no longer wanted or of any use, Poverty Child can now take them off your hands and put them to good use. They’ll go straight towards helping to fund our latest projects, such as our collaboration with Fairplay For All Foundation, in which we are striving to reduce poverty in Payatas, a slum community in the Philippines, by offering support and opportunities to youngsters, particularly through the means of football.

Your unwanted stamps may seem completely unrelated to the children living on the streets and slums across the world. But here at Poverty Child, we’re always looking for innovative and creative ways to fundraise and help those in need. Donating your stamps could be your way of contributing to our mission of helping children to reach their full potential. We can give your stamps purpose once more!

We accept loose single stamps, stamp albums, postcard collections and also first day covers/presentation packs. All you have to do is request a recycling label from us and then use this to post us your stamps. We’ll then convert your stamps into cash to fund our work with street and slum connected children.

Whilst you might not feel as though you have enough stamps from your own home to send to us, why not ask family and friends to donate too? Rally around and get stamps from family members, friends, and colleagues. Or, have a clear out and send us your stamps as a part of your unwanted goods. We’d be happy to accept many items from you that you’re ready to throw away and give them a new purpose. The goods we accept can be viewed via the “donate” tab on our website. Happy recycling and fundraising!

How To Recycle Coins And Currency

Our drawers and cupboards are usually home to all kinds of objects and items that we didn’t even know we still had. For many, that includes the odd foreign note or coins that we never got around to exchanging. Discontinued currency like the old pound coin might be in amongst it too. There’s something unpleasant about tossing your cash into the bin, even if it is technically worthless.

By recycling with Poverty Child, you don’t have to do that, nor do you have to keep your foreign currency and coins in a drawer never to see the light of day again. You can make a donation and contribute to our projects. That donation doesn’t even have to come straight from your pocket or bank account. Any currency of any age is valuable to us, and we’ll give your unwanted coins and notes worth once again. Whether it’s old pound coins, old notes, or foreign currency, it all goes a long way. Ultimately, the cash you can no longer make use of is still of great use to us, contributing to bettering the lives of street and slum connected children.

Recycling your coins and notes with Poverty Child is simple. If it’s old pound coins that you are hoping to recycle with us, you can send these to us for free! We’ll send you a freepost envelope for your coins, and then all you have to do is send it back to us.

Besides the discontinued pound coin, you can also recycle any other currency with us. We’ll send you a recycling address label to affix to your package for posting. You will have to pay for postage, but the benefits are priceless. You’ll be clearing out unwanted items from your home, but best of all you’ll be making a valuable contribution to helping children from the most deprived backgrounds reach their full potential.

So, why not make your decluttering an opportunity to recycle with Poverty Child? Get the family involved and, besides the other items we’re happy to take from you, see if you can find any foreign or discontinued currency in your home!

How To Recycle Your Smartphone And Other Gadgets

Donating your old gadgets

Smartphone contracts expire in what feels like the blink of an eye, thanks to consumer demand for the latest gadgets fuelled by the never-ending release cycles designed by consumer tech companies such as Apple, Sony and Google.

If you’re trying to keep up-to-date with the most current technology trends in your household, stumbling upon gadgets that you no longer use or don’t function any more is probably a common occurrence. You can use this to do something good – donate your gadgets to us.

Whether they’re fully functional or not, we can give your old gadgets purpose once again. By recycling them with Poverty Child, the cash they create will then help to fund our projects that aim to improve the lives of street and slum children. In short, donating your unwanted gadgets is good for the environment, declutters your home, and helps us fund our work improving life for the most deprived children. A triple benefit to you.

We accept most gadgets you may have lying around in your drawers like iPods (remember those?), all the way up to the smartphones, laptops, tablets, games consoles, sat navs, digital cameras and video cameras. Ideally if you have the original box and charger it came with then include those too. Although we can still take them off your hands without charging leads and packaging.

There’s no need to worry if you have large items over 10kg. Simply request a recycling sack from us and we’ll arrange the collection of your items, free of charge. If the items are under 10kg, then request a label and post them directly to us!

Make it an event with your family or invite friends over and have a good old clear-out of your unwanted gadgets. They’re there hidden away in the nooks of your home, be that in the garage, basement, or even the garden shed. Help your home, help the planet, help street children, and have fun while you’re doing it!

How To Recycle Clothes

Recycle the clothes you've fallen out of love with

Recycling is now one of the easiest ways to do our bit for the environment in our day-to-day lives, and recycling your old clothes is nothing but beneficial. Besides the environmental advantages, it’s convenient, and often helps us free up space in our wardrobes.

Better still, by recycling your old unloved clothes with Poverty Child, you can go one step further. Not only will you be more environmentally friendly and decluttered, but you’ll be helping street and slum children who live in some of the most deprived conditions in the developing world.

We don’t just see your donated clothes as unwanted and old – we consider them a tool for change, as the funds your clothes generate help further our projects. Your clothing donation helps us continue our work to improve the lives of children who face on a daily basis the cruel reality of the streets and slums they live in.

When it comes to the clothes we’re happy to take, we’re not at all fussy. All we ask is that they are in good enough condition to be sold on and have a genuine high street or designer brand label. That means, no fakes or non-labels, and no holes, tears, stains, or overly worn-out items. Suits, coats, jeans and leather jackets fetch the most value when resold, but we’re grateful for any other clothing donations, including shoes and accessories.

We’ve made clothes recycling a straightforward process for your utmost convenience. Simply collect your items in a sealed and secure cardboard box ready for Parcelforce to collect when convenient. Best of all, you pay nothing for the collection! As long as your box weighs between 6kg and 24kg, and is no bigger than 168cm when you add the height, width and length together.

According to Recycle Now, UK households have an average of around £4,000 worth of clothing, 30% of which haven’t been worn in the past year. So, if you’ve got clothes at the back of your wardrobe that haven’t seen the light of day for a while, why not help yourself by freeing up some space and help us too, by donating to us your old unwanted clothes to keep our projects alive and help slum and street children reach their full potential.