The most successful campaigns tend to be linked to a fundraising activity of some kind, where the fundraiser is making some kind of sacrifice, or pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

The idea in general is to do something that will capture the attention and imagination of your supporters. The following are some ideas to get your creative juices going:

  1. Outrageous ideas can both capture and entertain your audience, while being a whole load of fun for you too. Don’t forget to film and take pictures of whatever you do and send these as updates.
    1. Shave-a-thon: tell your supporters that you will shave off your head hair, beard, legs or any part of your body for that matter!
    2. Bath-a-thon: sit in a bath full of ice or mud or even baked beans, if that’s your thing.
    3. Kiss-a-thon: commit yourself to kissing a number of strangers, or your partner non-stop for an amount of time.
    4. Sport-a-thon: promise to do push ups, chin ups, jumping jacks, or keepy-uppies for an hour or two or ten!
  2. Giving up something, while less entertaining, can work to capture your supporters’ attention.
    1. A habit you’re known for, such as smoking, drinking, or even sugary items if you have a sweet tooth.
    2. A special day, such as your birthday, wedding anniversary, or even a festivity such as Christmas, Diwali or Eid, where your supporters give donations to your campaign instead of gifts to you.

Alternatively, you can always do a more traditional fundraising event if you feel it more suited to your needs. This can be either a coffee morning, afternoon tea, dinner, or even a film screening where your supporters donate to attend.