Email might feel old-school, especially when compared with social media sites like Instagram or Snapchat, but it should play a central role in your campaign as it’s key to building relationships with your supporters.

We’ve put together some email text, which you can use either as is or guidance for your own email shots. Use one, some or all of them, it’s entirely up to you. Copy them as is or edit them to suit your needs.

Announce your campaign

Subject: I need your help with something

Hey, how’s it going? Hope you’re well.

I need your help. Well actually, there’s a group of children that need our help. They’re street and slum children, and the chances are we’ll never meet them. But they exist in some of the most miserable conditions, unfit for animals let alone human beings. It’s wrong on so many levels, and something needs to be done.

I’m fundraising for them, and need your support. Because if we don’t help them it’s unlikely anyone else will. These are kids with nothing, and there’s nobody that cares that they will amount to much. They’re stuck in a vicious cycle of poverty with zero opportunity.

We can help them build aspiration and hope, and change their lives. The money we raise will make a difference. Just £120 will provide a safe and nurturing place for a child for one year. They can play, learn and become healthier. My target is to raise enough to help two children for a year each. In other words, £240.

It’s not much but it will help transform the lives of two children. Please help me reach my target. Click the link below to go to my fundraising page:

Thanks so much



Give regular updates

Subject: Update #1 – We’ve started strong

Hey, how’s it going? It’s me again!

Guess what, we’re off to a great start!

Remember my last email telling you about my campaign? Well I sent a few of our friends a similar message and all of you amazing folk responded with so much love and support. I’m overwhelmed. Seriously.

As of now my campaign target looks like it will be met easily. You know what, we might be able to increase the target to help one more child, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Please continue to support the campaign. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already donated, give again. No worries if you can’t, but do me a favour and tell somebody else to donate. Pretty please with sugar on top. J

Take care


Subject: Update #2 – I’m a little scared I might not make it

Hey, me again

I’m probably being silly, but I’m afraid that I might not make the target. The campaign has slowed down since my last email to you, and its bugging me because I really want to help these children get the support they need.

Without our support these kids are left to fend for themselves in an environment full of dangers to them that no child should have to face. It’s not right. Downright horrible, in fact.

Please support my campaign. Please help me to get to my target. I can’t do this without you. And those children can’t live better lives without us. Please donate or share.



Subject: Update #3 – Amazing people

Hey, hope you’re well

I’m super stoked by an amazing thing that happened recently that I just absolutely had to share with you.

So by now you know that I’m doing this fundraising campaign to support Poverty Child who help improve the lives of street and slum children. Anyway, I received a message from a young man who wants to remain anonymous but is happy for me to share his words, so I’m pasting them in below for you to read for yourself.

“Hi, I heard about your campaign and I wanted to help. Dad isn’t working at the moment so I don’t get much pocket money, but I want to give you all I’ve saved up. It’s not much but I hope it helps. Thanks”

Do you know how much he gave? £1. It may not sound like much but it’s everything this 10-year-old kid has got. It’s enough to help one child for three days, and that’s priceless!

I was so moved by his gesture, and was bursting to tell you. Amazing huh?

Okay well I’ll leave you be. You know what to do. Donate or share.



Create shout-outs

Subject: A shout-out to LOCAL FAITH GROUP


LOCAL FAITH GROUP are an amazing bunch! They did a jumble sale in support of my campaign and raised a total of £50, which has just blown my mind.

LOCAL FAITH GROUP, you guys are rock stars as far as I’m concerned. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Inspired? You know what to do. Donate or share.



Make target announcements

Subject: The end is nigh

Hey, how’s things?

Okay so maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but it’s kind of true because I am close to reaching my target! I couldn’t have got this far without you. You’ve been amazingly supportive and I’m super thankful to you.

Now I need to make one final push. Please please please help. Donate or share, whatever you can do. It’ll make all the difference to some innocent children who need our help.

Thanks a million


Incentivise your supporters

Subject: I’ve got some swag to share


Do you fancy a cool t-shirt? LOCAL COMPANY LTD have kindly donated some to help me reach my target. All you need to do is donate £10, and I’ll drop off a t-shirt to you. Easy peasy.

Fancy one? Give me a shout.