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What emails will you send me?

Nice ones that focus on the work we’re doing to help street and slum children, any inspiring stories we come across in the field, and general news on what’s happening with us.

You better not flood my inbox!

Erm that’s not a question but we get what you mean and totally agree! We’ll send you a handful of emails a year, if that. But if it gets too much then just unsubscribe.

Will you sell my email address?

Heck no! We absolutely categorically and with the utmost certainty will never sell or share your email address with anyone outside of Poverty Child. Not even our mums!

You’re going to guilt trip me!

No absolutely not. We don’t like receiving messages like that either and don’t use such methods to solicit support from the public.

Do I have to donate?

Not if you don’t want to. A lot of folks join our mailing list solely because they want to receive our email updates. That’s fine by us.

I can’t use email, what can I do?

No worries that’s not a problem. We do publish our updates and stories on other publishing channels such as Facebook and Instagram.