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Amazon Smile is Amazon's charitable programme. When you sign up, we receive 0.5% of every pound you spend with Amazon. A fab way of supporting Poverty Child whilst going about your everyday life! Here's how to register.

Screenshot showing Amazon Smile select charity screen
Step 1

Go to Amazon Smile and login

Go to¬†and login with your account details. Once logged in you’ll be taken to this page where you can select a charity to support. In the search field titled “or pick your own charitable organisation’, type Poverty Child and click the search button.

Step 2

Select Poverty Child as your charity

You will then be directed to this page which lists all charities with a matching and/or similar name. Please select Poverty Child (we may also be in the list as Poverty Child Ltd) from the search results. NB, the list of charities on the actual page may differ from this screenshot as more charities enrol in Amazon’s Smile programme over time.

Screenshot showing how to select Poverty Child as your charity on Amazon Smile
Screenshot showing confirmation message on Amazon Smile
Step 3

Confirm you understand how Amazon Smile works

You’ll next see this message popup. To benefit Poverty Child while you shop on Amazon, you must always go to their home page using Tick the box and click the ‘start shopping’ button.

Step 4

Shop as normal while supporting us

Now that you’re setup, bookmark or add it to your browser’s toolbar. Using this link ensures you’re benefitting Poverty Child every time you shop.

Screenshot showing how to setup a bookmark to Amazon Smile