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Payroll giving is a great way to give as you earn, directly from your salary before it’s taxed.


Giving through payroll is the most efficient and cost effective way for you to support us. Your donation is taken from your gross salary, which means only a portion of the payment comes from you while the rest comes from Mr Tax Man. Plus, most employers match workplace giving donations so you may be able to double your donation with no further cost to you. Have a look at the figures below to see how effective payroll giving is.

Your Employer Pays* Mr Tax Man Pays You Actually Pay We Receive
20% Tax Payers £10.00 £2.00 £8.00 £20.00
40% Tax Payers £10.00 £4.00 £6.00 £20.00
45% Tax Payers £10.00 £4.50 £5.50 £20.00

*Check with your employer for details of their matched donations scheme


When will my first donation be taken from my salary?

It depends on when in the month you are signing up, but ideally we aim to have the first donation come out of your salary from your next pay day.  Generally the process takes up to six weeks to setup, and sometimes longer if your employer doesn’t already have a workplace giving scheme in place.

What happens to my GAYE donation if I'm no longer employed at this organisation?

Your payroll giving donation will only continue as long as you are still on your employer’s payroll. Therefore, if you begin a job elsewhere your donation will stop automatically as your employer removes you from their payroll. Do speak to your new employer about setting up a new payroll giving donation if you would like to continue to support us.

How long will my donation continue to be taken from my salary?

Your payroll giving donation will continue to be taken from your salary until you want it to. If you do want to stop the payment then contact the person or team in your organisation that manages payroll. We’d appreciate any feedback you can provide in the event that you stop donating.

Can I have Gift Aid applied to my donations?

Payroll giving donations are not eligible for Gift Aid. Reason being, your donations are given from your gross salary, i.e. before you’ve paid any tax. This effectively means that your tax has already been reclaimed from HMRC, leaving nothing further to claim under Gift Aid.

Can I give through payroll giving if I'm receiving a pension?

You can donate to us through payroll giving so long as you are paid your pension by your provider with tax being deducted through PAYE. Speak to your provider about setting up your donation before any tax is deducted.

Is there a minimum amount that I must donate every month?

While there is no minimum amount of donation that we require from you to take part in payroll giving, we do advise that you check with your employer in case they require a minimum donation to take part in their workplace giving scheme.

Do I have to pay an administration fee to take part in payroll giving?

There is no need for you to pay a fee of any kind. However, a small fee may be taken from your donation by the payroll giving agency that your employer uses to manage the scheme. This is usually a nominal amount – up to 4% – taken to cover their administrative costs.

How will I know how my donation has been used and what impact it has had?

We can you send you regular updates on the work we do and the impact it is having as a result of your donations. Simply opt-in to receiving updates from us and we’ll include you on our regular circulars.