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Changing a child’s life is simple. Taking the first step is easy. Join our journey today.

kids off the street and into a better life

We’re helping vulnerable children, in the Philippines, get off the streets and into a programme giving them access to education, a regular meal, and healthcare, through the power of sport. We want to enrol 500 kids from Payatas – a slum community of half a million people living on one of the largest garbage dumping sites in the world.


A little more about the project

Our implementing partner, Fairplay For All Foundation (FFA), has been operating a sports and education programme for street and slum children in Payatas since 2011. Everyday, almost 150 children attend the centre to access the services they offer, ranging from football coaching, literacy and numeracy classes, and vocational skills training. However, many children are turned away because they’re at maximum capacity. Enter Poverty Child. Our aim is to create more places in their programme – 500 more to be exact!


We need your help, not your money

A young boy holding up his football trophy in a slum of Philippines

Target: £60,000 = 500 kids off the street

We want superstar fundraisers like you. Hold a coffee morning, shave your head or simply do a whip-round at work. Use the campaign toolkit and social media resources we’ve created to help you every step of the way.

£120 is enough to fund a child’s place in the programme for 12 months. Base your campaign’s target on the number of child places you want to create, register to access the toolkit and resources, create your appeal page and get fundraising!

Today, you can take the first step in helping us change the way things are and start making them how they should be. Will you take the first step with us?

What we aim to achieve for the children

  • To create a safe and secure space for play, sports training, and other areas for development
  • To improve malnutrition in the children by providing healthy meals, and fruit at the training sessions
  • To reduce the health issues linked to open defecation by creating toilet facilities at the sports centre
  • To provide career opportunities away from scavenging hazardous garbage by training the children to become football coaches and referees
  • To inspire the children by creating opportunities to leave their existing environment and see other areas of Manila
  • To improve the self-esteem, confidence, life satisfaction, and emotional intelligence of the children through increased recognition from parents, the community at large, and from the kids themselves

Impact: Ronalyn’s story

Imagine that the moment you learn to walk your future has already been decided. Your chance of having access to education is taken away. Your dream job will only ever be a dream. Life expectancy is just 55 years. And that those years will be spent scavenging through rubbish, everyday, just to buy enough food to provide for you and your family. This is how half a million people in Payatas live their lives. Every. Single. Day.

Ronalyn’s life would have been the same had it not been for FFA’s sports programme. This is her story.


Do a fundraiser

A coffee morning, shave-a-thon, fun run, or a whip-round at work. A little effort can go a long way.


Donate securely

Can’t fundraise? No worries, you can support street and slum children through a donation instead.