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Volunteer Blog Coordinator

Poverty Child
9th December 2021
Manchester, United Kingdom
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We need a Blog Coordinator to join the team on a voluntary basis to help us realise our vision of a world where no child finds themselves in poverty. We have struggled to maintain consistent posting on our blog and need help to bring this back on track, grow our content and search engine traffic.

You will be responsible for creating content for our blog ( This will include developing new content as well as uploading it to craft beautifully designed and presented blog articles. You will be given access to our blogging platform to upload and edit your articles. We currently use WordPress to power our blog.

We will need you to deliver a minimum of three articles as part of this engagement. Each article needs to be approximately 1000 words. Your article series can be published over a period of time if you wish, such as fortnightly or monthly. It is up to you to come up with ideas and create your articles, and once they've been approved to upload in Wordpress for publishing.

You will be supported by a volunteer coordinator who you can turn to for any guidance you need to get started, and logistical support once you’re up and running. This support is given via email primarily but you also have the option to speak via a video call on a fortnightly basis if you so choose. We understand what it takes to volunteer as we are all volunteers ourselves. Poverty Child has no paid staff and is entirely volunteer driven by wonderful people like you!

This role has no minimum time engagement other than the number of articles required as stated earlier. It is up to you how much time you spend producing your content but we estimate you will need between four and eight hours to ideate, research and produce each of your articles.

You are free to work remotely from any location convenient to you. We were a distributed team working remotely before the pandemic and will continue to operate in this way once the restrictions have been eased.

About you

Ideally, you have commercial experience of blog writing, either in an employment or voluntary capacity. That said, we're open to applications from anyone who has a keen interest and solid understanding of content marketing but no commercial experience.

You are somebody who is sympathetic to the plight of children who live and work on the street, and want to give your time and skills to helping improve life for them. You may also be looking to develop a digital marketing career in the charity sector, and as such we are happy to provide employer references and Linkedin recommendations to help you build your portfolio.

You have experience of working remotely and self-managing the delivery of your tasks to time and budget. You have the capacity to commit a minimum three articles of 1000 words each, and know how to use WordPress to upload your content.


Applying for the role

To apply for this volunteering role, please click the ‘Visit Application Site’ button, and complete the online application form. Please ensure you have uploaded your CV. Plus, explain in the application form why you are applying for the role, why you think you can deliver it well, and how you would go about doing so.

Successful applications can expect to hear from us within five working days where we will invite you to a short interview. The interview is an opportunity for us to discuss your application in more detail, and for you to better understand the role and whether it's right for you. The interview will be via a video call at a date/time of your choosing.

Please note, we can only accept one volunteering application from you. Please do not apply for multiple roles irrespective of how similar they are or your interest in them. We will not process an application received across multiple roles.