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Don’t let your car be part of the disaster

To support the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, I wanted to follow up on Megan’s blog “How To Recycle Your Car” as landfills and scrap yards are in serious crisis.

David Palmer-Jones, CEO of Suez, tells us in a Future Build article (2014) that our landfill waste is an ‘impending crisis caused by a combination of Brexit, a Chinese crackdown on importing recyclable material and the government’s failure to commit to clear policy that would help deliver new waste facilities’.

Euro News (2019) tells us the damage we’re also causing is outside the UK. Ghana’s capital Accra is one of ‘Africa’s biggest electronic waste scrapyards’ and it’s filled with the ‘remnants of Europe’s discarded electronic devices.’ Europe sends millions of tonnes of scrap across each year where e-trash is burnt to extract valuable metals. This is now considered one of the world’s most polluted sites where studies have shown ‘burning of waste exposes them to toxins that can cause heart disease, strokes and lung cancer.’

This not only effects the environment in a major way, but has increased Landfill Taxes to ‘encourage the exploration of sustainable alternatives for disposing of waste.’ (Red Industries, 2019)

Current Rate from 12th March 2018 New Rate from 20th March 2019
Standard Rated Waste £88.95 per tonne £91.35 per tonne
Lower Rated Waste £2.80 per tonne £2.90 per tonne

You can help create a sustainable alternative when disposing of your old car by taking a few simple steps:

  1. Complete the online form with your car’s details.
  2. Let us know whether or not your car is in working condition, has any missing parts, the damage that affects it, and whether your car is accessible.
  3. Our recycling partner will be in touch to arrange a collection time convenient to you.

Recycling your vehicle is easy and convenient for you. Any profit we make in the process goes directly to our charity providing slum and street based youth with opportunities to improve their lives for the better.

Donate your old car now.


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