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October 17th marks International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, with this year celebrating it’s 27th anniversary of the declaration by the General Assembly.

Our vision is to witness a world where children no longer find themselves in poverty or need protection from it. Our focus is children connected to the street or slum. Our approach to achieving this is to work with community organisations such as Fairplay.

Local organisations better understand the needs and challenges faced by the communities in their vicinity. In the Payatas slum, for example, Fairplay is acutely aware of the problems that face children every day, and works tirelessly to offer help and support to them. Programmes such as daily free school meals not only help improve child health through better nutrition, but also help take the financial pressure off parents giving them one less meal to provide every day.

Ultimately, programmes such as those offered by Fairplay mean local children have somewhere to go other than the street. Passing their time in a more productive manner, and one that provides a way out of poverty.

The work we do is just one of thousands of drops in the ocean that represents the effort of the global charitable sector. This is a sector that is quietly working towards the eradication of poverty, be that on a global or local level. That quiet determination is fuelled by the goodwill and trust of the public that continues to support every step of the sector’s journey to date.

This International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is one to commemorate and renew our commitment to doing all we can to break the vicious cycle that children in slum communities find themselves in. Here’s some of the things you can do with us to help move things closer to eradicating poverty.

  1. Make a donation. Just £10 could provide a child with a meal in school every day for a month.
  2. Volunteer to do some fundraising for us. Put on a charity fashion show, a music event, or a football match and raise funds to support the children we work with.
  3. Donate your old stuff. Books, gadgets, clothes, old currency. We can take most of what usually gets chucked out. We can even take your old car!
  4. Shop with Amazon Smile. You shop with Amazon as normal but by nominating Poverty Child as your chosen charity we receive a donation from them worth 0.5% of your total spend.

Finally, let’s ensure that on this day the voices of the impoverished are heard. Look out for #EndPoverty on your social channels and join the conversation by liking, sharing and commenting on the issues that matter to you.